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at the temperatures in the 60s. 61 in manassas. mid 50s in gaithersburg. we'll come back. we'll talk about an increased chance of showers and rain and the potential for some flooding. we'll tell you when. stay tuned. >>> in tonight's consumer alert, the federal government is expected to issue a warning about the popular infant carriers. the product safety commission says they can be dangerous. infants can fall out of the sling or suffocate. consumer reports say there have been a dozen serious injuries and several deaths related to the soft fabric over the shoulder baby carriers. >> i probably would continue to use it, but just be aware that, you know, suffocation or some of the other concerns were there. >> i didn't feel secure. i couldn't move around freely and take care of household things. >> the cpsc has not specified any particular brands. but the best advice for parents out there is to wear your baby with care. if you do put your baby in a sling and in that position, you want to make sure the baby's head does not become buried in the material. don't let the baby hang there. when a
and go out to 270 where we are tracking the delays from gaithersburg, all the way to germantown. barely moving, lots of brake lights we are dealing with here. congestion breaks up as you approach clarksburg. heading into the district, the only accident we are seeing, approaching the 3rd street tunnel. that is blocking two left lanes as we speak. the key bridge moving well into georgetown at the moment, but tonight, again a reminder from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., they will be closing a lot of lanes to inspect the situation on the roadways. and finally, metro, and public transit looking good, all on time. lesli, that's a look at your rails and your roads. back to you. >>> we still have time to enjoy this beautiful day, top. >> we do. the sun is setting, but mild out here. we'll take you out with current temperatures. it was 64 today. you can access that on our website at and temperatures mild. 57 in gaithersburg. still in the 60s down toward fredericksburg. temperatures will not fall off the table as they did last night. we'll talk about how long the mild weather lasts and when
are headed out. 62 up in gaithersburg. looking at 57 in leesburg and in the 40s in some spots in manassas and culpeper. temperatures are going to fall relatively quickly. they aren't going to fall as fast as they did last night because of the cloud cover. we'll come back and talk about when the rain rolls in and how much and how long it's going to come in. >> now to a consumer alert about the way you may be carrying your baby. the goff preparing a safety warning about safety swings. they get strapped across a parent's chest. gives the children a chance to cuddle while on the move. the head of the consumer says they are concerned about the number of infants that have been suffocated. >>> and new pains at the pump. a look at how bad it may get coming up. but first, the first lady agrees to speak at several local commencements, but there's a catch. her conditions for one school up next on 9news now. >>> first lady, michelle obama donated her inaugural dress to the smithsonian today and now she may be shopping for three more notable outfits. in may, it's the university of alaska, then in jun
up in gaithersburg. as far west and north of leesburg and frederick. we'll come back and talk about that and milder air on the way. we'll also talk about the threat of the showers when that rolls in after this. >>> rejecting a proposal to receive that from maryland. voting 4-1 from the commissioner and their resolution. they called thompson's proposal outlandish. and they labeled it a public relations gimmick. >>> some students at virginia tech are helping the people of haiti. they are selling t-shirts to raise money for the earthquake release. costing $10 each. organizers say that they have alreadied sold about 750 of them in the past week. >> most college students, honestly, not many of us are well off. and so it is definitely something that is really encouraging to see it. so that people, who in america, they might need more money for them and just realizing wow, we have way more than what they is have here. and mr. and the virginia tech prisoner, releasing all the costs, so 100% of the proceeds will go to the people of haiti. >> the controversial group of acorn is officially fin
's in gaithersburg, that landed, but apparently, it drove into a wooded area at the end of the runway. and clearly, not able to stop in time to avoid this accident. one person on board that plane is out there. but that person is not seriously hurt. this is the montgomery county airport in gaithersburg. and a plane off the runway. no serious injuries to talk -- to talk about. we have another storm alert. snow in the forecast. here is topper. >>> hard to believe that the temperatures could snow. and it is march. they do that off and around here. here's what we know. they are already on the maps. we're kind of tracking it now. the last coastal, maybe. not a huge deal, at least in this point. that is the storm last week. it is still affecting new england. and this storm hit the clouds and the rain already. kentucky and tennessee, and now we'll continue to move northeastward for them overnight. just the high clouds to stay dry though. 41 in gaithersburg. you get out towards cumberland, it's 29. and 28 in oakland. we'll come back and talk about the timetable of the storm and if we could see the accumula
. and gaithersburg 46. temperatures where you are, oakland 46, 36. we are looking at temperatures up to 40 degrees. throughout the day a little clearing skies by noontime and with bright sunshine later on. may have to deal with a stray shower through the morning hours. that's a look at the forecast. let's talk about the roadways and hopefully not too bad right now. >> a couple of incidents to tell you about. we are tracking them early to let you know about them. happy tuesday to you. begin with the maps. police activity in the riverdale area, queensbury road is closed lafayette and rhode island avenue. we know there is construction on southbound 95 in maryland between 198 and powder mill. moving it outside, 270 southbound, so far so good. no problems to report from 121 to the spur. we will move it in to virginia and show you 66 eastbound. a nice quiet drive out of gainesville through centreville and northbound 395, incident free from 95 to the 14th street bridge. that's the traffic. back to you. >>> the landmark health care bill is about to become the law of the land. president obama's expected to
an exercise on thursday. he was practicing with his group at a gaithersburg church when he fell. he is expected to survive. >>> that the accidents involving ipod -- deadly accidents involving ipods and pedestrians are on the rise. three people died in the last year wearing headphones, including one struck and killed by a semi-tractor trailer. it can be a magnet for criminals who are looking for distracted pedestrians. >>> still come, two months spent saving lives, and now a welcome home for the usns comfort. and they are watching the river rise. north dakota residents are still hoping to save their homes. and pope benedict response as more sex scandals rocked the church in europe. we will not the latest on that controversy. and what is -- we will have the latest on the controversy. >> the navy hospital ship is back in baltimore today. the usns comfort sailed into port this morning. it was in haiti, treating hundreds hurt in the deadly earthquake in january. >>> the maryland state song may have a line about no. scum, but it may not feel that much southern anymore. it has been moved f
intermedia ridgeview de gaithersburg maryland el ejecutivo del condado de montgo isiah legget, sostuvo una reunion comunitaria para discutir diversos temas que afectan a lacomunidad ... jose l rre esinformacion.. <>padres de familias, fuionariospublicos y la policia de montgomery se reunieron una vez mas con el ejecutivo del condado isiah legget en la intermedia ridgeview en gaithersburg maryland para discutir diversos temas esto es parte de la potica de puertas abiertas todos sentados a la mesa para conversar nosotros le decimos que este es un foro excelente para quejas y sugerencias todas las personas que residen enl condado de montgomery estan invitadas para participar en este tipo de foro es para ventilar las preocupaciones de los ciadanos de los residensponde hl c>por s mo un ue cardiaco una emergencia la gente se prive de no llamar a una ambulancia para poder salvar una vida y si no tiene seguro el seguro se va encargar de pagar por el servicio y si uno no tiene un seguro no va a haber ningun problema entonces realmente yo creo q
. look at the temperatures in the 40s. 99 downtown. 45 gaithersburg. 46 in frederick and again we were in the mid-70s this time yesterday. so for tonight, clearing and much colder. 25 to 34 for low temperatures. we will come back and talk about a 50/50 weekend and we will tell you which half is the best. >>> police are searching for a man who attacked a woman jogging in lake ridge park yesterday morning. the attacker was wearing a ski mask and carrying a knife. we have more on the investigation. >> we were out in the woods yesterday morning. >> reporter: these college students are just realizing they were in lake ridge park yesterday, at the same time when a 40-year-old woman was attacked by a man carrying a knife and wearing a ski mask. >> it could have been you guys. >> yeah, it could have been. very scary to think about. >> reporter: the woman was jogging on a trail at 9:00 a.m. when the attacker came up from behind her and pulled her to the ground. what makes the attack more frightening is the woman was jogging with her dog. the dog saw the guy first and started to bark but that di
readings in the upper 40s in gaithersburg and baltimore to the lower 50s and they are not going to move much. one more thing before we go. the afternoon doesn't look too bad. look at how the rain goes back in to tonight an tomorrow morning. going to get heavy rains that will cause problems. >>> medics have rushed two people to the hospital after a crash this morning involving a fire truck. broken glass and twisted metal are scattered across the intersection of 14th street and constitution avenue northwest. both streets have reopened. officials say the truck was responding to a call when it collided with two cars. none of the emergency workers was injured. the two victims, however, suffered minor injuries. this is the same intersection where 51-year-old debra anne shiaco was killed. she jogged in the path of an oncoming tractor-trailer. the driver was not charged. >>> police are looking for as many as two suspects who robbed an armored car. security guards were loading an atm at the bank of america located at 14th street and park road northwest. however, police are not saying how much mo
and gaithersburg 59. winchester at 61 degrees. as we zoom out you can see the satellite and radar. not a lot to see now. the system is pulling out of here and with that it is taking the rain and the clouds with it, as well. our model is showing you how the low is away from us, moving out to sea as of now. in its wake we will have high pressure build in here, and with that a lot of sunshine and you can see we will warm up nicely as we go throughout the day and that will continue. highs today, 69-degrees in to dc. arlington 68. rockville at 67. gaithersburg 7. more of the same in to bwi, bowie 68 degrees and as we go through tonight, we drop off a little bit because of the fact we don't have the clouds. you hear me talk about the clouds a lot. they are two-fold. when you see them at night time they act as a blanket and temperatures drop off and you can see that with the temperature at 39 degrees for a low this evening. andrews 41. brandy wine at 42. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. and in the seven-day forecast it looks stellar. we will start you off today with a temperature at 69. partly clo
with light to moderate rain. a little above gaithersburg before urbana is heavier. again, this is what harbinger of what's to come. back to the computer and talk about temperatures. they have not moved much today. in fact the high occurred at mitt night. 55 at midnight. 49 rockville. 49 arlington. 50 andrews. 49 also in -- 48 gaithersburg and 50 reston and steriling. tomorrow morning, cloudy windy and cool. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. winds northeast at 15 to 20 inby afternoon, breezy and cool with rain and showers. winds are dialing back a limitle bit east northeasterly at 10 to 15. here's our future cast. we have good news with this, too. the models seem to be trending the heaviest rain is northeast of us. that said we will get plenty of rain. this is through saturday morning. and in to the day on saturday look at dover. over two inches by then. look at what happens as we go through the day on saturday, the rain accumulates. over an inch is pretty much guaranteed over three inches near baltimore. heavy rain and flooding, two to four inches is possible. check the gutters and down
you are, pretty much anywhere around those upper 30s and even 40s in some cases. gaithersburg and national 43. culpeper freezing this morning. upper 30s on the maryland side. day at a glance. 9:00, noon an 5:00, # 50 at 9:00. 63 as soon as noon. up to me thid 60s this afternoon. some of us will get close to 70 degrees today. we will have 70s letter in the forecast. to catch the outlook, i will have it in a few minutes. >> what a sparkling forecast to start the day. the roads are checking out fine. we have construction out there to tell you about, specifically on the beltway. the inner and outer loop near the 66 braddock telegraph road areas is where we have crews. they will be wrapping it up in a half hour or so. proceed with caution. take it over to 95. take at this time outside and no problems quantico to 395. if you are continuing on to that interstate, we have that shot for you, as well. a good amount of drivers here at seminary road but no mayor delay -- major delays to report. construction in the silver spring area. northbound route 29 at tech road and route 97 at colesv
now are chilly. 46 in articling on the. 45 bethesda. 43 gaithersburg. 46 leesburg and 40s to the east, too. upper 40s college park and upper 40s toward annapolis, as well. now, right now we are looking at 43 gaithersburg, 45 frederick. still almost 50 in fredericksburg. so not quite as chilly down to the south as we might expect. lows tonight, you know, you go outside of the beltway and below freezing. 29 sterling, 32 college park and 30 bowie. around freezing downtown. satellite picture radar combined this is a big storm that will hit california. we don't have to worry about that but i say that and tuck it away. when it rains on thursday and friday of next week you will know why. this storm is the same storm that brought us light on thursday. it won't leave us alone. it gave snowflakes to rehoboth today. 0 leesburg. 51 warrenton. low 50s downtown. annapolis will be 51. next seven days, low 50s tomorrow. upper 50 on sunday. almost 60 on monday, tuesday and wednesday should be 60 despite the showers. low 50s on thursday. here's the california storm. some rain and kind of a cold rain on
, one crash happened at washington grove lane in gaithersburg, the other on dr. bird road. >> reporter: a horrific crash. the intersection in the gaithersburg community was shut down as the crash reconstructionists investigated it. >> even though you don't know the person it still hurts you. >> police have not identified the victim. >> three individuals were transported to local hospitals with nonlife threatening injuries. one male believed to be a younger adult died on the scene. >> reporter: the captain says less than an hour late another serious crash occurred. he says a 61-year-old man was driving the ford shelby and uninjured. a 35-year-old woman drove the toyota inside were children, ages 7, 11, 14 and 17. the 11 and 14 year olds have critical injuries. >> i believe there was a 14 year old transported to children's hospital with possible life threatening injuries. >> reporter: the street has been shut down for hours because the collision reconstruction unit is on the scene of the other accident. they can't get here until they are done. >> this puts a stress on our resources. >> i
to winchester, frederick and carroll counties, columbia over to gaithersburg and poolesville and leesburg and loudoun county. farther to the south down route 15 you will see light rain has spread south to 66. even in parts of fairfax county, woodbridge and prince william there was a little snow mixing in at the shenandoah valley regional airport. that has stopped. to the east light rain and drizzle across prince georges, anne arundel, calvert and northeastern charles county. damp at times this afternoon. let's go back to the weather computer. it is not just damp. it is raw out there. temperatures as warm as 43 fredericksburg and culpeper. 37 gaithersburg. 41 in washington right now and on the bay. feels like 33 thanks to the north wind at 16 and the barometer is starting to rise slowly at 29.62. bigger picture. widen it out to show you the storm pulling away. there it goes. the moisture being thrown back to the west and upper energy is keeping the rain showers around, which will at times, especially in higher elevations in western maryland and west virginia mix in with some of that snow,
at national. 47 gaithersburg. we'll come back and talk about the rest of the week. winds picking up. we'll talk about when they die down. yes we have the 50s in the forecast. we'll tell you when. >> good job. >>> commuter alert tonight as drivers are being asked to avoid route one in arlington. tonight the brakes have been repaired. now the crews are working on the road itself. route one is closed between south 23rd and south 27th streets in crystal city. >>> after nearly a month of delays d.c. department of transportation is finally hoping to do the resurfacing work on the chain bridge. crews plan to close the entire span next friday march 12th. it is scheduled to reopen march 15th. >>> students camping out for tonight's show down in college park. >>> if you have heard the booms, i'll show you how they fire it coming up. >>> back now with the beginning of a long journey for the space shuttle discovery. nasa moved it out of the hangar after midnight. it did not arrive at the launch pad until noon. it is set to launch monday april 5th. >>> have you heard big booms this week? people in no
about 2-3 degrees warmer than they were last night. 37 in rockville and gaithersburg. 47 downtown. 39 college park. 38 buoy. some upper 30s in the suburbs, east, north and west. speaking of west 38 fairfax. 37 sterling, 37 leaseburg. not quite as cool as it was this horning -- morning. temperatures in the 40s and 50s, some high school kids will see upper 30s briefly. what a afternoon. sunny and spectacular. high temperatures around 70. winds light, out of the southwest at 10. a perfect day in fact we are looking at temperatures tomorrow, everybody should about hit 70s for the most part. some areas in the low 70s. down 95 towards springfield. south towards fredericksburg in to the low 70s. 70 andrews. rockville hits 70. sterling and leaseburg, around 69. zone forecast, all six zones on the web site at we will start in oakland. not quite 60 but close. if you don't hit 60s friday you will saturday. in the 60s cumberland. culpepper, low 70s with sunshine, and around 70 70 manassas as well. buoy 71. 70 downtown. 70 gaithersburg. cooler by the water 68. no winds, no advisories.
and the calm winds. temperatures back into the 60s and 55 at gaithersburg. still pretty nice at this time of the day and the night and 57 at manassas. i keep pointing this out. this is just so clear. you go across that divide and the temperatures are still in the 40s. remember, they had 120 inches in the month of february alone. lows tonight. 44 in articlington, 44 downtown. plenty of 40s in the suburbs. 48 at gaithersburg. 38 in college park. and to the west, 36 at fairfax. reston, sterling, leesburg, all in the mid to upper 30s. now tomorrow morning, a cool start, a pure sunshine. temperatures in the 30s and the 40s with the light winds. by the afternoon, well, what more can we say? sunny and just spectacular. high temperatures near 65. and the light winds, they will continue. satellite picture radar combined. pretty good showers and thunderstorms now in the southeastern sections of texas. and right on the gulf coast. staying to the south of us. we have clear skies. and that is indeed good news. spelling a nice stretch of the weather for us. the clear skies for the next several days. in
in gaithersburg. and still some 60s down toward culpeper and also into fredericksburg. now satellite picture, radar combined. a warm front, but notice if you look back to the south and west of us, there's not much headed our way. a lot of clouds, yes, but not very much in terms of rain fall. we'll come back. we will talk about when the heavy rain fall rolls in and where the flood watch has been posted. derek. >> thank you, topper. a maryland state senator wants to prevent the state from recognizing gay marriages. state senator, nancy jacobs introduced a measure that would acknowledge the state from other states without legislative approval. just last month, attorney general, doug ganther says state agencies must recognize out of state gay marriages until the legislature or the courts decide otherwise. >>> does this photo offend you? it was on the front page of a recent washington post newspaper and it did pick off two dozen people, so much so they canceled their subscriptions. that's the day the same-sex couples could apply for marriage licenses. at least a dozen of those couples tied the k
. in the 30s in gaithersburg and frederick and also in manassas. we'll come back and take you through the weekend. we have a very unusual seven- day. 9news now continues after this. >>> 9 traffic now is brought to you by geico. i will be ready for whatever the day throws at me. uh, looks like torrential rain, bumper to bumper traffic and some kind of weird smell downtown. i will be working from home today. my sister's coming. i can make it. i'm sure she's lovely. [ male announcer ] instant weather and traffic without changing the channel and 2 times more very satisfied customers than cox. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> right now, we want to get back to the breaking news. joins us now is josh. you were at the pentagon when the shooting went down. they wouldn't let you out. did you get any details to exactly what happened as they explained why you couldn't leave the station? >> they made several announcements in terms of the situation. they wouldn't elaborate when asked. the police officers, the pentagon police officer was brandishing
at about 10 to 15. temperatures right now in the 40s. although you do see the 40s up towards gaithersburg. still in the 40s at national. even 43 out there as you go up 270. even 45 down in fredericksburg. satellite picture and radar combined, the high clouds coming in. that's another storm. and the other storm to the upper right hand portion of your screen is the same storm which was pinned around last week. it is finally going to leave new england alone. we'll come back and talk about the timetable. we'll see some snow. we'll tell you how much coming up. >> thank you, topper. >>> 2,000 federal transportation workers got an unexpected day this week. they were furloughed without pay. after the kentucky senator blocked key legislation that would have extended federal highway and transit programs. several of them right in our neighborhoods. audrey barnes has the story. >> reporter: 5,000 motorists drive the humback bridge on the memorial every day. seeing more than what they were designed for. and so the bridge is being replaced to the tune of $36 million. but food, the construction -- but t
national. 46 up in beltsville. mid-40s for bethesda, rockville, 43 gaithersburg. 45 in great falls and 48 in leesburg. when the sun sets, 7:30, temperatures will fall quickly. low temperatures, look at. this mid-20s in gaithersburg. upper 20s in rockville. downtown you will be flirting with the freezing mark. you get on the outside of the beltway and you will be around freezing. 26 bowie. look at the temperatures in the 20s and in fairfax, reston, sterling, 25, mid-20s in leesburg and 26 in manassas as you go out 66. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, a cold start. 20s and 30s winds are light that's good news. partly cloudy by the afternoon. we will call it cool. highs around 50. winds from the southeast at ten. at least it won't be breezy and cool tomorrow. satellite picture radar combined the next storm will come out of the rockies and move to the plain states tomorrow and then move to the ohio and tennessee valley on sunday and that will bring us rain on sunday, sunday night in to monday. meantime we say good-bye to this storm. clearing to the west a few showers in southern maryland and t
you live doppler. you can access this on our website at you go up 270 past gaithersburg, but some good showers south of town on the east side of i-95. we'll zoom in towards charles county and we see a good shower just to the west of clinton and route 5. this is going to move due south. it's going to pass to the west of brandywine and to the east of waldorf. now we'll move a little further south and again, nothing super heavy. no hail like we had this time yesterday, but some little heavier areas inside some of the showers, like around la plata. showers through the evening and we'll begin to clear out. let's go back to the computer. we'll talk about temperatures. oh yeah, we are in march. 45 in bethesda. 48 in beltsville. national holding on to 50. everybody else in the 40s. 47 at reston. 47 in sterling, and 48 out toward leesburg. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, breezy and a chilly start. temperatures in the 40s and 50s and winds northwesterly at 10 to 20. we can't shake the wind, but it's going to be a nice day tomorrow. breezy and milder, despite the winds. highs low t
at gaithersburg. 38 downtown rather. and 34 at winchester. 37 at hagerstown. thankfully temperatures are above freezing. we'll come back and talk about the heaviest snow and when they will fall. and i drew the snowfall accumulation act. lesli, back to you. >> the dc council as expected, decided to vote on the councilmen, marion barry, but they did not take that down. bruce johnson on the story all day with the latest, it was a rather interesting display. >> it was interesting. >> reporter: not the big demonstration that a lot of people feared. and that did not come to be. but other things did. accusing himself from the vote and criticizes their colleagues saying they were not allowed the due process today. >> council member gram. >> reporter: there were no speeches. one-by-one, they indicated that they supported the unpresidented move, a century for marion barry. >> and you're suppose to see the one accusing them. >> reporter: the representative, he was also stripped of the chairmanship of the housing committee. and he was removed from that powerful financial revenue committee. >> and it was s
. 69 even out there. dropping down to 66 gaithersburg. dropping down a degree here at nationals. actually, they are nearly 75, 74 right now. and we've got mid-60s hanging on out here. 66 east. and then 67 degrees right now. take a look at the wind speeds. and still 50 miles per hour winds at nationals, baltimore, 14 miles per hour. so anywhere 10 to 20 miles per hour breezes. not much of the gust to deal with. the storm system yesterday, that's what brought us the winds, very gusty winds last night as we retreated some showers back into washington. and that is all said and done. pushed away. and the leftovers, just a beautiful day. in our forecast. and this bubble of warm air that started to build today, continues to strengthen and gets even stronger as we go through the next several. nothing but sunshine. nothing to stop the sunshine from coming down. especially when you're getting into the heart of the spring season right now. temperatures really warm up and they warm up rapidly. overnight tonight as you see in the heart of washington, nearly 50 degrees. arlington, about 49 de
42 right now at d.c. we've got 39 at gaithersburg. 43 at frederick. 33 degrees at baltimore. and dulles 44 degrees. and as i said, the skies fairly clear with just a few clouds that came in a little bit earlier. now most of it is out of the way off to the south of us. a little bit to the north but we're under the influence of a ridge of high pressure. that's going to hold us stead as we move through the next few days. we're really going to do well. the temperatures as well are going to stay above seasonal g enjoy mild conditions across the area but this ridge of high pressure is our main dominant weather as we move into tuesday before we start to see any changes. we will get to enjoy some 60- plus degree days. it will be mild. the changes will come in the form of a system that will move through the central portion of the country and it will bring us increasing clouds by the time we get into late tuesday. wednesday is a cloudy day and wet weather wednesday night will stick around thursday into friday so be prepared. in the meantime enjoy all the sunshine. plenty of it across
everywhere. 49 at dulles, 50 at d.c., 49 at baltimore, and 46 at gaithersburg. so the five-day forecast we're showing you wet weather starting off in the week. and some of you could see heavier shower activity than others, clouds of activity, recommendation of high pressure. take a look at the sunshine through the week. temperatures on the rise as well finally getting nice conditions and dry weather. we'll need it after this. maureen. >> think gwen. have a great evening. geico sports extra is coming up  . >>> this is geico sports extra. >>> hi everybody, welcome to geico or
to gaithersburg and 40sin the west in leesburg and manassas. and annapolis, andrews in the upper 40s, as well. we will come back and talk about milder air for the weekend and let you know if the breezes will finally die down. >>> most of what's left from those back-to-back blizzards not here anymore, except in one place. we'll tell you more about this mountain of sturdy snow. >>> the numbers for unemployment are better than expected but what do they mean for the economy? i'm karen brown on wall street. coming up, we'll explain. >>> and later on, how cell phone cameras and social networking could help the police get to the bottom of wednesday's chaos in college park.  >>> new unemployment numbers led to nice gains to end the week on wall street. the dow finished the day up 122 points to close at 10566. the nasdaq climbed 34 points and the s&p rose 15 points. >>> the new unemployment numbers are out. companies cut fewer jobs last month than expected but it is still tough to land work. karen brown has the latest from wall street. >> reporter: for joyce martinez, the bills k
at national. 52 gaithersburg and 50 in frederick. look at leesburg coming in at 48. 48 manassas. 50 out in culpeper. we will come back and talk about how long the mild weather will last. we have a storm on the way. we will tell you what that means and tell you if you have been shocking yourself lately or if your hair has a lot of frizz we will explain coming up. >>> coming up, braving the long lines in hopes of finding the perfect job. we will have more on the job fair that attracted many, many people. >>> but first, is she or isn't she? the latest on the effort to get may jiang pregnant at the national zoo. hey, i just landed. yeah, i got your text. oh, that's excellent. yeah, great. perfect. really. uh-huh, are you kidding me? [ male announcer ] why does southwest airlines have so many flights a day? all right. yeah. no, i'll be there. [ male announcer ] that's why. with 23 daily nonstop flights from bwi to the boston area, we're ready whenever. and at southwest airlines, bags fly free, so our low fares stay low. grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ] >>> tonight no signs yet the female pan
climbing dramatically -- 47 in gaithersburg. similar temperatures across the area. very mild -- even in detroit. the warm air will circulate around and is blocking this deck of cloudiness. as we get through the next couple of days and the ocean storm finally pulls out, high pressure will build in and that's warmth of the sun will do a number, starting to warm up impressively. we will see improvement in our morning, starting with clouds, but by midday, we will see the sun breaks through and slow improvement through the day as temperatures climb to 50 degrees. look at the remainder of our 7 day outlook. 60 degrees on wednesday with sunshine. 65 on wednesday and at another cold front coming in by sunday. the computer model is suggesting another storm system could bring some rain sennight into monday. look at those numbers. >> it looks fantastic. on today, "20/20" is taking it inside "the bachelor." you will see where former bachelor's and-or at are today and see how the couples who are still together have been able to make it work. >> how were you able to sustain it? >> we were both rea
. and 55 up in laurel. and we're looking at mainly mid- 50s, bethesda, rockville, and gaithersburg, 54. and 55 out in leesburg. so again, the sun is down. and the temperatures fall pretty quickly with clear skies and calm winds. and a relatively dry air mass. and the recipe for a pretty chilly night. 40 in arlington. 39 downtown. 36 in college park. out to bowie, 32, 33 degrees. and get out to gaithersburg, 32, or 33. and you get out to leesburg, also right around the freezing mark. that time of the year where the kids will need a jacket in the morning and yes, they will end up stuffing it in their backpacks. that's okay. sunny with a chilly start in the morning. 30s and 40s. winds northwesterly at about 5- 10. and light winds. and then by afternoon, this is great, mostly sunny, and continued mild, and around 60. and really the best part, well, it is all good but the best part, i think the winds will be light and really going to feel 60 and enjoy that angle of the sun and it is getting a little higher and warmer. high temperatures again tomorrow, 60 in arlington. 61 downtown, maybe eve
of the montgomery county air park up in gaithersburg. live pictures from sky fox. a single engine plane crash. it's hard to tell but that's the plane that is off into the woods there just off of the runway. a single engine small plane crash. only the pilot we're told was on board. that pilot did survive minor inries reported but again you can see the plane crash at the montgomery county air park in gaithersburg. the airplane park is closed as the investigation continues. you can see a little bit of the trail from the plane going off of the runway there into the trees. more details as son as we get them. the news edge in virginia, a murder-suicide at a day care in prince william county. the victim's young daughter credited with moving several kids to safety as a man with a gun invaded their home. fox 5's paul wagner live in dale city with more on this case. paul what do you know. >> reporter: prince am county police are are call this evening a domestic dispute between richard nickels and taneitha white. the two are former neighbors. they had lived next to each oago when taneitha white left her hus
in college park. but 39 up at bethesda, 39 rockville. only 37 gaithersburg. the temperatures in the northern and western suburbs struggling to get to 40 today. 40 springfield and 41 at fort belvoir. satellite and radar exom bind -- this was a monster storm, still offshore kicking off precipitation. in some ways we were lucky. this storm was very intense, if you monitor it by surface pressure and it's still kicking back pretty good areas of rain and snow all the way almost to albany, philadelphia, back to us, all the way to raleigh, blear it or not. on live doppler, still showers, moving quickly from west-to-east. they will clear the area pretty quickly. just light activity, enough to keep it damp, unfortunately, for the rush hour, from dc southward, stafford, fredericksburg. just light activity. we'll zoom in a little and take you up towards rockville. gaithersburg getting a little bit of a break but great falls, route 7, out towards leesburg, just light activity. ashburn light activity. also past chantilly toward upperville, some rain. up north, portions of fredrick county and pennsylvania,
tonight, around town 50. wow. 50 downtown. even only 46 in rockville. gaithersburg may be 45. 47 in college park. so tonight's low is 10 degrees above average. and today's highs were 10 degrees above average as well. 46 in resten. 46 in sterling. maybe 45 as you get out towards leesburg. for thursday morning, mostly cloudy and mild. we'll keep the chance of a shower in. not much happens tomorrow. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. by afternoon, we are looking at a slight chance of a shower, but still mild. high temperatures around 60 and winds will pick up just a little bit out of the southeast at about 10 to 15. now, we talked about this earlier at the top of the show. you are under a flood watch if you are west of the divide. that's western al gayny alagaeny county. some cases until sunday morning. they put this up because of the snow pack, the melting, and we are going to add rain to that as we get to friday and saturday. highs tomorrow, 61 in arlington. downtown, college park, 61. 61 at andrews. 62 as we head south, and 61 in fairfax. even leesburg should make 60 once again. sa
mentioned in the 30s. we are 38 at reagan national. that is not too bad. 36 in gaithersburg. quantico is 38 at this hour. fredericksburg, you too are 38. you are at freezing. 38 in annapolis. upper 40s to about 50 today but with the wind continuing out of the west and northwest, it won't quite feel that good. here is our most recent look t wind gusts. 22 in quantico. 19 in gaithersburg. we're in the getting a report in washington. it will be picking up during the course of the day. 16 is the most recent wind gust in annapolis. we had some sprinkles and flurries. a couple of light shers yesterday. no problems today and tonight. as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow, look what we have lurking off to the south and west, wouldn't you know it? it is beautiful. another storm system. this one look like it is going to track across the south t will try to curve up the coast want to emphasize most likely, stay just off to the south and east that it will just brush the washington area. at least the possibility of more wintry precipitation in the forecast tuesday night into the day on wednesday. i
at the pax river naval air station and 32 up in gaithersburg. 44 by 9:00. 54 by noon. 5:00, 57 with sunny skies. rewill top out upper 50s to low 60s. beautiful day ahead. angie is getting her stretching in. >> sure am. stretching out and ready to go. let's get going. 66 eastbound, we are tracking the head lights no complaints centreville to the beltway. take you 3095 northbound trip is moving past shirlington to the 14th street bridge. to the district we go. live from 16th and upshire street a great example of that nice, quiet commute through dc. on the bw parkway and 95, heading southbound. nice green and clean toward powder mill and finally wrap it up outside with 270 southbound. right now we don't have any complaints, incidents or accidents at this time out of frederick all the way to the spur. back to you. >>> police are trying to learn about the man who launched an attack at the pentagon on thursday night. fortunately the two pentagon police officers shot by john patrick bedell are recovering from minor injuries. kristin fisher is live outside of the pentagon with more. good morning,
40s. 40 in gaithersburg. mid 40s downtown. 41 in bowie. low 40s in fairfax, reston, sterling. leesburg, you might make it into the upper 30s tonight. tomorrow morning, clouds on the increase, winds turn out of the south at 10 to 15. it's a milder wind. so by afternoon, even though clouds will be in place, it's going to be breezy and mild. high temperatures, 65 to 70 and winds southwesterly at 10 to 20. again, a milder direction in terms of wind. satellite picture, radar combined, this is the storm that came out of the foothills of the rockies and produced the snow in denver. it's now moving eastward. big thunderstorms just south of dallas. as far as we are concerned, high clouds that are pushing in now. the clouds will be with us tonight. we are going stay dry through the daytime hours on thursday. zone forecast, 60s in winchester. martinsburg and haggerstown. 68 in manassas. clouds on the increase. if you are west of haggerstown, you could see some rain or showers before sunset. the rest of us will not. 68 in gaithersburg, 66 in annapolis. small craft advisory expires tonigh
.c. 64 at gaithersburg. 60 at baltimore and 65 degrees at dulles. let's take a look at radar because we've got changes in our forecast coming up. take a look at this. this is the system that's pushing its way towards us. and that's going to start to bring a lot of rainfall with it as it moves its way toward the mid-atlantic as we move through late tonight and tomorrow. with it there are a few thunderstorms. so let's go back to our maps because there is a chance that we could see an isolated thunderstorm or two as we head through into tomorrow. so as our wet -- so to our weather maps and i'll show you our surface features. ahead of it increasing clouds and a little bit of rainfall starting to gradually move in tonight. by tomorrow morning for your morning commute, expect to see some showers. moderate to heavy rainfall throughout the course of the day. anywhere from a half-inch to an inch of rainfall. and a little bit of instability could kick in and that could also mean a thunderstorm or two some cooler air behind that system. that means we'll see a change in our temperatures as well int
weather, it will continue to be high and then grass and weeds will catch up. 70 degrees in gaithersburg. frederiksberg hanging on to 73 degrees. temperatures warmer than they were yesterday at this time. 18 degrees in gathersburg. 15 degrees warmer in fairfax. all good stuff if you like warm and sunny weather. 81 degrees in kansas city. 82 in dallas. the warm air going eastward as the trailing edge of the storm moves away. you can see the cloud of circulation move out with high clouds here. high pressure building at the surface and stacking up in the atmosphere. that will keep as bright and sunny and warm. here is your express' forecast going through the day tomorrow. 75 degrees with sunshine in the afternoon. checkout friday and saturday with lots of sun near 80 degrees. a weak disturbance could give us a few clouds with no rain expected. beautiful spring weather right through the middle of next week. >> how many more to go before the playoffs? >> this is in it. the caps have to have some concerns. over the last two seasons, they have done very well in the month of april, closing at th
the morning low. we're talking 52-55 early next week. 43 gaithersburg, la plata 46, 45 fredericksburg, 43 leesburg. the temperatures will slide quickly with the sun down. bottom line, it will be breezy and chilly tomorrow morning. the milder temperatures south and west, working in our direction for the weekend. we are still getting the backlash of the winter storm from the ocean over the north atlantic. clouds later tonight and overnight. the wind will stay up 10-15. saturday as well. slowly, but warmer temperatures advance up the coast. first, we have to get rid of the upper level pattern. looks like tomorrow, or early saturday will be that end of it. saturday night, sunday morning, the high pressure center will move offshore. then we start to pick up more of the west, southwest flavor to the wind and the temperatures will come up. friday, chilly start, 27-32, more sunshine. it will be breezy, northwest at 10-15, wind gusts around 20 credit -- around 20. 46 the high. the next seven days, definitely improving. check this out, lots of sunshine. no raindrops or snowflakes, hailstones, media
that robbed a gaithersburg hotel last night before 10:00 p.m. it was unprofessional drive. police have not said how much was taken. how is this for a road rage? it woodbridge man is under arrest -- a woodbridge man is under arrest for firing one dozen shots at a dump truck. a man driving a jaguar got into an argument with that the driver of the dump truck in the middle of rush hour. police said the suspect fired at least 13 shots right of the truck. no one was hurt. the suspect's child was in the car at the time. he now faces charges, including attempted homicide and child endangerment. the truck driver was charged with reckless driving. the battle for health care reform is taking a new turn today. 13 states are already challenging it in court. another battle is looming, this one in the u.s. senate. being the new law of the land, the senate continues to debate this so-called fix is to the legislation. republicans are vowing to bring down the bill. >> we will be able to repeal the most egregious parts. >> democrats say the this is a slowdown of progress. >> this will be a leap into the
county air park in gaithersburg. there it is. you can seat wreckage through the trees. it ended up just a few feet from the runway. the pilot suffered only minor injuries. >>> new this more than, the d.c. council is likely to vote today on censuring councilman marion barry, severe cutting his authority. according to the "washington post," the council may also refer barry to the u.s. attorney's office over algages that he abused his power when warding city contracts. barry's lawyer says there are no policies regulating earmarks an perm service contracts. >>> d.c.'s new same-sex marriage law is scheduled to take effect tomorrow. there is a move now to stop it. >>> that is coming up next. we'll tell you how it is sparking some changes with the washington archdiocese. >>> more car problems for detroit and another automaker. you are watching fox 5 morning news. ouom (announcer) we're in the energy business. but we're also in the showing-kids- new-worlds business. and the startup-capital- for-barbers business. and the this-won't- hurt-a-bit business. because we don't just work here. we live h
in montgomery county. a plane went off the airport runway in gaithersburg. dozens of gallons of fuel leaked out. thankfully, there was no fire or smoke and the pilot was able to escape. following a series of wicked storms, the zoo will be delayed in its opening as staff continues cleanup. and comedian jay leno returns to late night tv. we will take a look at his first show. and we're here to answer your g who are better drivers, men or women? men don't merge. the woman will sit there and wait. this is what men do. you see where i am over here? and, ka-blam, and then we're all an hour late. depend brand. for women and men. >> covering the nation, firefighters in north texas continue to fight in massive blaze. a broken out early this morning in this building in dallas. it is home to several area shops, all of which were closed at the time. officials do not believe anyone was inside when the fire broke out. five people are under arrest in connection to the murder of a wisconsin woman and her two children. officials have ruled the fire arson. they found the body of a 19- year-old woman who had been
. 42 said reagan national. only a trace of light rain since last night. 38 deges in gaithersburg. the chilly numbers yourself. it is chelation jacksonville right now. the warm-up is one to start. much more noticeable over the next few days. the storm will be close enough to marta still give us a breeze. high pressure will build in. maybe a few snow showers across the mountains of pennsylvania. it will get warmer over the weekend. over the next seven days, it will be breezy. saturday, sunday, and monday looks beautiful. a few showers late in the day on tuesday. >> a much better change than what we have had. >> a much better change than what we have had. we w and dreams big. achievement: makes big mov... ...and takes baby steps. it helps you keep the lights on... ...and it knows when to turn them off. achievement: is all around us. a part of our very lives. at pnc, we help make achievement happen. pnc. for the achiever in us all. >> new details on the murder of 17 year-old chelsea king. but now, a dream comes true for a teenage girl and a baseball team. she met her idol, a red sox
the area temperatures not bad at all. 60 degrees at d.c. we've got 59 at gaithersburg. 62 at dulles. 59 degrees at manass and 58 degrees at baltimore. some changes on the way, however. let's take a look at radar. well show yo exactly what to expect and what is happening. tomorrow is going to be a really great day. we get another repeat performance of what we had today. so take advantage of it. then we'll be dealing with the proposal of this storm system. it's moving in from the south, the southern plains. going to head up the i-20 corridor and southern appalachians before it moves its way across. sunday fairly light. then the rain will increase by monday afteron into monday evening. we're going to have to keep an eye on the tidal potomac as well as the maryland portion of the chesapeake bay because definitely it could be affected with the amount of rainfall expected with this system. it is a pretty strong system. as we go back to our weather maps, we could even see a thunderstorm with it so be prepared for that monday. we get to enjoy another warm day. plenty of sunshine for tomorrow. t
hemos vios efectos muy negativos en el area de gaithersburg , escialmente en el area de silver spring en germantown donde la comunidad esta criendo bastante y donde no temos un enlace de esa clase depolicia que cuando ellos reonde no hablan espaƑol por experiencia sabemos qucuando alguien tiene que par por un servicio se resa a llamar por telefono y noqueremos que situaciones un at cardiaco una emgencia la gente se prive deo llamar a una ambulancia pa poder salvar una vida las escuelas publicas taien enfrentaran el mayor rerte en su pressto de opaciones que se haya tedo
, give it time, they will be back. 71 fairfax, 71 gaithersburg and culpeper, 71 winchester, hagerstown 72, fredericksburg 68, and over the weekend, southwest breeze, across portions of st. mary's county, calvert county, you will probably be 10, 15 degrees and everybody else because the breeze coming off the water will cool things off. much colder air moving across the country, snow through colorado and denver, pushing across the southern plains. right now, dallas 70 degrees. they could have a rain/snow mixed tomorrow. we will not see a dramatic change. showers and thunderstorms, showers sunday night. showers and possible thunderstorms monday. the cold front turns us cooler, but not to mar. the spring officially begins at 1:32 tomorrow afternoon. low seventies most spots, close to 70 on sunday, increasing cloudiness. monday, showers, thunderstorms as the next system approaches. saturday sunny and warm, low seventies. the next seven days of shape up this way, showers and thunrstorms likely monday, clearing tuesday, cooler but very pleasant. >>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your
-20 and occasionally gusty. 63 in gaithersburg and 63 in bowie. off to the west and north, 63 in fairfax and reston. and you head out towards sterling and leesburg and loudoun county, more than likely in the low 60s. but still better than today. we have a storm out in the four corners area. that is coming in here on friday. we have this storm finally, and i mean finally pulling away. look at all of the rain and showers and storms been through portions of connecticut and rhode island. we have our batch of showers today. they have moved well on out and now we're seeing clearing skies and we're in pretty good shape for the next 48 hours before the next system comes and gets us. zone forecast all six zones are still available on the website at 61 in winchester. in the 50s for martinsburg but 66 in culpeper. 63 in warrenton and 63 in manassas. downtown 64, 65. 63 in gaithersburg and 63 in frederick. it's going to be cool in the bay. temps in the 60s. with the winds we're looking at a small craft advisory for the bay and tidal potomac. 65 on thursday. the day part is dry but showers possible t
a rappelling exercise at a gaithersburg church. he was practicing with his church when he felt some 40 feet. he was flown to the hospital. his injuries are said to be not life threatening. >>> 6:17. we have some huge problems on 95 around the mixing bowl. what is still latest? >> we go live to the live picture of this huge problem. you canee a lot of colors. headlights are northbound. the blue flashing light is hov commuters. they have been trapped by an accident. notice the red blue lights. that is the southbound side there 644. all of the right side getting by. maryland traffic, everything is open. metro is reporting they are on time it systemwide. >> outside this morning, we start off dark. the sun will come up a little after 7:00. you can see a little of light if you look real closely. temperatures in the 40 on average. if you upper 30's and a few low 50's. nothing happening on the radar picture. we are clear and it will be another gorgeous day with sunshine. we will warm up nicely. sunny and warm tomorrow. temperatures in the low to mid 70's. on sunday, we may see some clouds start to buil
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